Use a unique style? No problem!

Meet your style requirements

In addition to the standard editorial style options available to all users, such as Chicago or APA, we offer custom styles designed to meet your existing house style requirements

Carefully crafted styles

Order of reference elements, punctuation, formatting, and more can be customized to eliminate the need for manual editing. Custom reference styles enable automatic editing of journal, book, and book chapter references according to your house style requirements.

Customized comments

Want an alert when a cited source is still in press? Don't care if the publisher location is missing from a book reference? We can tailor Edifix warning messages and alerts to meet your editorial style preferences.

Convenient coordination

Dreaming of a way to encourage your authors to follow your reference style? Your custom style will be made available to all authors and editors who use Edifix. Need even more standardization and automation? Your house style will also be available in the Edifix API.

How it works

When you request a custom editorial style, we'll send you a survey to help you describe the details of your unique style requirements to us. Our team of experts will create your custom style and ensure that you are satisfied with the results before we make it available to all Edifix users.

Get started!

Custom styles are available for a setup and integration fee of $1000-$4500,
depending on customer requirements